High good, low bad: Mead in June

NASA image of the Colorado River Delta in the Gulf of California. Click on image for NASA history of the image and the region.

LAKE MEAD is the Colorado River reservoir holding key water supplies for California, Arizona, Nevada and the Republic of Mexico. The remnants of what was once a vast watershed concluding in the Gulf of California now depend on releases of water from Mead.

Yet will there be water to release? The level of the lake has dropped nearly 32 feet in the last six years. If it drops another 20, and the elevation is at or below 1,075 on January 1st, ¬†Mexico, Arizona and Nevada will face punishing cuts in their allocations. Essential preserves for wildlife will be subject to ever more desperate schemes promoted by the driest states, including “non-water solutions” for fish habitat.* The Southern Nevada Water Authority has given the 1,075