Western datebook

THERE  are two weeks left to see Downstream: Colorado River Photographs of Karen Halverson at the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanic Gardens (left) and only one week left to catch “H2O,” an exhibit on water by four photographers at the G2 Gallery in Venice. Pictured below is a sample from Ron LeValley.

Or for freshly stuffed listings of Dry Garden Events around the Southland, click here.

Then again, with fall migratory season in full swing, there is no better time to set up a bird-bath, as proposed by this bird-watcher in this week’s The Dry Garden column in the Los Angeles Times.…

Delta divided

ON A DATE synonymous with American heroism in the face of emergency, yesterday the California State Legislature undertook to solve the state’s water crisis by midnight — and failed.

Looming over negotiations was California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose threats to veto any legislation that did not include new dams and reservoirs in spite of the state’s budget crisis only sound like they come from a comic book. This one, from yesterday, comes from the Associated Press: “Don’t send me Mickey Mouse bills. Send me the big stuff.”

With no way to find billions to pay for the “big stuff,” or new water to fill new reservoirs, last ditch efforts to move a sweeping package of water bills failed. Aquafornia, the newsfeed of the Water Education Foundation, has the latest reports, starting