Nevada head of Natural Resources: I am not carrying the water for SNWA

Updated 10.16am 3/1/2010. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the Nevada Legislature will send the proposed water bill to committee before disbanding its special session today. Governor Jim Gibbons may recall legislature for a vote on it once the bill is out of committee.

Governor Jim Gibbons’ instruction to the Nevada legislature to amend state law in a way that would retroactively legalize water awards made since 1947 will not render moot a recent state Supreme Court decision that threatens the future of a controversial Las Vegas pipeline project, a senior state official said today.

Rather, Allen Biaggi, head of the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, insisted thatĀ the Governor’s instruction has been accompanied by proposed language that excludes from amnesty any awards made to the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

However, as pipeline protestors read the same document, they say they are better off staying in the

“A hero named Pat”

One way to write your own history in an heroic guise is to follow suit of the Las Vegas Public Education Foundation’s curiously Soviet tradition of immortalizing city players in children’s books, then placing copies in every public school. Southern Nevada Water Authority general manager Pat Mulroy was the latest in the “hero” series honoring local burghers. Many thanks to the Great Basin Water Network for the alert to this classic of its sort. “A Hero Named Pat” is a first class curiosity, but it is the works of Dr Seuss that are the subject of the upcoming Read Across America Day. For those of you who haven’t registered to take part in the National Education Association’s utterly wonderful event on March 2nd, there is still time to contact your local school and offer to read with a class. Think of the fun. Horton hears a Who! Green Eggs