Splash pool and lawns in downtown L.A.

Two new open spaces, one at the south lawn of City Hall, the other in the old Civic Center Mall, opened this summer to promote downtown Los Angeles as the heart of a livable urban core. Both are heavy on water-intensive turf. Should these parks get the environmental equivalent of diplomatic immunity because they encourage planning density?

A lens into paradise

LA artists Ray Cirino and Leigh Adams will be participating in a gate-building workshop over Labor Day weekend to benefit Southern California's most eccentric and beloved compost proponent Tim Dundon.

Old soldier driven to drink

What passes for gardening in Los Angeles is a study in waste. Is "urban farming" the answer? One water wonk with four big citrus trees takes the question and many wheelbarrows worth of fruit to a new farmers market to find out.

Tunneling under Bay Delta water wars

To tunnel beneath the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta or not? Without relief for the South Delta pumps currently serving California's Central Valley farms and the exurbias of San Diego and Los Angeles, the National Marine Fisheries Service sees doom for the Delta's once mighty populations of migrating salmon and steelhead as well as year-round residents such as Delta Smelt.

Is Vegas shortstopping Colorado River water?

The recently published final environmental impact statement for the Las Vegas pipeline shows Southern Nevada arguably tapping Colorado River water as an "instate resource."
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