Autumn is planting season for natives

November through February offer the best planting months in Southern California gardens.

“This evacuation is mandatory”

Map of New York's evacuation zone in advance of Hurricane Sandy

The generous light of Campanile

After nearly a quarter of a century in business, on Halloween, the landmark restaurant that is Campanile will close.

Drought and dust

According to NASA, portions of Interstate 35 in Kansas and Oklahoma, as well as Interstate 80 in Wyoming, had to be shut down due to accidents and poor visibility. Click on the photo for the full resolution image and text from the Earth Observatory.

“Parched by months of drought and searing heat, the Great Plains of the United States endured a widespread dust storm in mid-October 2012,” reports NASA’s Earth Observatory. “Severe winds blew soil and sediment across hundreds of miles, closing highways and reminding longtime residents of the Dust Bowl years of the 1930s and the severe dust storms of the 1950s.”



Opposing faces of optimism

Two new books reviewed in High Country News present sharply opposing faces of optimism about the future of Western fresh water management.
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