High good, low bad: Mead in November 2012

"Aquifer Storage and Recovery" technology combined with water trading might just be California's best chance of riding out dry times, but water agencies are unwilling to share their data with state regulators and previous boondoggles demand skepticism that ASR and trades are the most effective protections in an era of climate change and drought.

‘Red states’ also red on drought map

Drought and dust across the Great Plains demand that science trump politics as the GOP conducts its 2012 election post-mortem

No news is no news for El Niño prospects

NOAA's State of the Climate report for October shows drought across 60.2% of the contiguous United States. Elsewhere, Pacific Ocean monitoring indicates that a weak El Nino system associated with wetter winters in Southern California and the Southwest has petered out into neutral conditions.

High good, low bad: Mead in October 2012

Las Vegas water manager Pat Mulroy predicts that a new report due out on the Colorado River and pending shortages "will be devastating."