High good, low bad: Mead in December 2012

A new Colorado River study highlights the need for conservation while Interior has just rubber-stamped a massive groundwater exploitation project in rural Nevada and similar projects are planned across the dry West.

“Dam Nation” by Stephen Grace

A recent book by the author of 'Under Cottonwoods' explains how sophist water policy is leeching the natural life out of the West and may eventually threaten the cities that overestimated then badly managed the region's fragile reserves.

Time for a ‘moon shot’ effort over Los Angeles storm water

Passage of the proposed Los Angeles County Clean Water, Clean Beaches measure should usher in a sea change in which storm water best management practices are incorporated into all street work, not just watershed projects.

Tom Lubbock’s early newspaper collages

Tom Lubbock illustration for an Independent newspaper Edinburgh Festival pub guide, 14 August 1989.

I lost contact with Tom Lubbock many years before leaving England in 1998, however landing last night on his almost two-year-old online obituary in the UK Independent instantly drove me to sheafs of yellowing newspaper clippings. I have hoarded these through many moves precisely because they contain Tom’s artwork.

Two years in Altadena

Lawn removal, asphalt removal, wildflower conversion crops and rainwater harvesting are touched on in this two year picture diary from an Altadena, California garden
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