The week that was, February 21-27, 2016

Anti-tax campaign slings shit at Calgary wastewater art, havoc in Delhi, giant of big waves in O'ahu bows out at mythic "Eddie" surf classic, Feds impersonate gangsters in haddock fraud in Massachusetts, big sugar pollution lays waste to spring break beaches in Florida, and more in this week's eclectic round-up of water stories from around the world by reporter Emily Green.

The week that was, February 14-20, 2016

The week's water news from noisy fish to a folded steel salute to wetlands

The week that was, February 7-13, 2016

Weekly water news from climate change and water markets to the latest in facial care.

The week that was, Jan 31-Feb 6, 2016

Eclectic weekly news round-up from the water website Chance of Rain