Bob, Ted, Leavenworth and Bavaria

Ted Price, one of the two gay World War II veterans who transformed Leavenworth, WA into a slice of Bavaria, died this week in Vancouver.

Through Isabelle’s eyes

Her early career as an artist predicted the style of landscape architect Isabelle Greene.

Through a dragon brightly

Asked to create a children's climbing structure for a Los Angeles park, artist Jolino Beserra chose to cover it with thousands of pieces of glass.

The lion of Longboat Key

The much feared Marcella Hazan only looked leonine, all mane and sleepily watchful eyes. She was in fact profoundly kind and as likely to maul as the marble lions out front of the New York Public Library.

My balls are real

A walk in the park produced two very rare baseballs. That the Lou Gehrig and Vic Willis signatures were forgeries didn't make them any less rare for an avid collector of lost Little League balls.
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