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Reddit Water

As the stunningly sad news of the death of Reddit collaborator Aaron Swartz registers, this is a bow to the information-sharing service Reddit Water. If you don’t know about it, try it.


Tom Lubbock’s early newspaper collages

Tom Lubbock illustration for an Independent newspaper Edinburgh Festival pub guide, 14 August 1989.

I lost contact with Tom Lubbock many years before leaving England in 1998, however landing last night on his almost two-year-old online obituary in the UK Independent instantly drove me to sheafs of yellowing newspaper clippings. I have hoarded these through many moves precisely because they contain Tom’s artwork.

The generous light of Campanile

After nearly a quarter of a century in business, on Halloween, the landmark restaurant that is Campanile will close.

Through fracture, healing and beauty

Piece by Piece, an arts program of the Skid Row Housing Trust in downtown Los Angeles, put a stunning collection of work up for sale this weekend.
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