The week that was, Jan 31-Feb 6, 2016

Eclectic weekly news round-up from the water website Chance of Rain

The week that was, 1/24-30/2016

Eclectic international round-up of the week's stories on water and climate compiled by environment writer Emily Green.

Proposition 1 analyzed for voters

A Pacific Institute report shows Proposition 1, California's 2014 water bond, weak on conservation

Fourth year in the garden

The third in a series of photo essays on the progress and setbacks faced in taking over the remnant of an old California orchard.

Starve the lawn, not the tree

Well-intentioned reductions in lawn irrigation to conserve water can have catastrophic consequences for LA's urban canopy. The Urban Forestry Council and Barbara Eisenstein have the 411 for progressive tree care.
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