Avoiding pollution, drought’s evil twin

Drought has rewritten accepted orthodoxy about yard care. Among the things to do: water less often, more deeply. Rake. Compost. Squarely on the list of things not to do: fertilize, apply pesticides or use leaf blowers. Advice from a veteran garden writer about dry season good practice.


Emptying reservoirs, empty words

Rancho Mirage, where President Obama golfed last weekend, is located between Palm Desert and Cathedral City. The heavily irrigated areas, many denoting water-hungry golf courses in California’s Mojave Desert, are highlighted in red. Source: NASA/Earth Observatory

*President Obama came to the Central Valley to address drought and climate change. Everyone “is going to have to start rethinking how we approach water for decades to come,” he said. After making the remark in a speech at a ranch in Los Banos, a farm town roughly 75 miles northwest of Fresno, the President spent the weekend at a golfing resort in the Mojave Desert.

*Republican Congressman Devin Nunes greeted the President’s outreach to the Central Valley by saying, “To blame the California water crisis on global warming is ludicrous.”

*The Mayor of Los Angeles highlighted local water harvesting as a way to relieve dependence on imports while posing in front


Through Isabelle’s eyes

Her early career as an artist predicted the style of landscape architect Isabelle Greene.


Marcie Edwards nominated to lead LADWP

Today’s press release announcing a new nominee to head the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power has no mention of water in a record drought year


Why L.A. needs the “wicked witch” of Nevada

Southern Nevada Water Authority general manager Pat Mulroy is retiring at just the moment that the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power most needs her skills at outdoor water conservation. LA Mayor Eric Garcetti should lure her to California.

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