After the Lawn Part 12. Cost and Worth

How much does conversion from lawn to a model conservation garden cost? The final installment of the KCET series "After the Lawn" has the numbers for its Test Case house.

After the Lawn Part 11: Gardening and Surfing

Gardening with native plants is like surfing. With gardening, you hang out with the seals waiting, waiting, waiting for that perfect wave. With surfing, the art is holding on until just before rainy season to put plants in the ground. Then, if you're really serious, bare-root every thing.

After the Lawn Part 7: Parkway Potential

Parkways are the last stop to catch water draining out of properties and the first place it could be brought in from the street. Changing municipal protocols for what we can and should be doing in this area mean that lawn removal projects are well-advised to opt for placeholder designs.

The Assignment? “Explain the Delta”

KCET's new Bay Delta Project, funded by the Rose Foundation, explains how water from the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers ended up in the faucets of 25 million Californians and fields of the San Joaquin Valley.

“After the Lawn” Part 3: Turf dormancy

Allowing lawn to go seasonally brown is a smart way to save water and divert irrigation to high-value trees.
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