A day at the museum

A 3.5 nature park will open around the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County in June 2013.

When war zones look like home

California gardens contain many of the Mediterranean natives that most Americans only see in war footage and read about in cookbooks or the Bible or Quaran. A Timber Press book gives us the biblical and Quran references for figs, dates, laurel, myrrh and more.

Western datebook: Weed maps

The Invasive Spartina Project uses aerial photography and GPS to monitor cordgrass in the San Francisco Bay. Source: California Invasive Plant Council. Click on the map to be taken to the project's home page.

CORRECTION: IN EARLY versions of this post, the dates for the event below were incorrectly given for November. The event is in December.

Wednesday December 9 and Thursday December 10, the California Invasive Plant Council will be giving courses at the Audubon Center at Debs Park in Los Angeles on invasive plant control and mapping methods.

For information, click here.

For information about PlantRight, a campaign to convince nurseries to remove invasive plants from their shelves, click here.

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