Say it with kids: Today nearly 5,000 children took part in Kids Ocean Day, a beach clean up program sponsored by the LA Stormwater Program, the Los Angeles Board of Public Works, the Malibu Foundation, California Coastal Commission and Aerial Art. Last year, the message was "Save our Ocean." Today it was "Sustain life."Click on the image to learn more about Ocean Day.

May 26: The SeaDoc Society fishes out hundreds of dumped toilets from the waters off Pt. Dume. Photo: UC Davis. Click on the image to learn more about SeaDoc and its drive against marine debris.

Talk about teachable moments: Late showers in Southern California may have intensified a lesson in marine pollution today for thousands of kids at Dockweiler Beach and sponsored by the LA Stormwater Program. “And here’s how run-off works” … For information about the stormwater program, click here.

Meanwhile, elsewhere around Southern California,

Santa Barbara’s asphalt volcanoes

From National Geographic News: Strange undersea domes spotted off the California coast are extinct “asphalt volcanoes” made from a mixture of hardened crude oil and marine fossils … But there’s little point in harvesting the asphalt mounds for fuel. “The quality of the material is very poor. … It’s not worth something like light sweet crude,” said lead study author David Valentine, an earth scientist at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Click here to keep reading. Via Aquafornia.

‘Urban Coast,’ Vol. 1, No. 1

Urban Coast, the new journal from the Center for Santa Monica Bay Studies, launches today with offerings by Congressman Henry Waxman and California state senator Fran Pavley on global warming, an article on potable water vs the merely wet kind, case studies from the Santa Monica Mountains and Topanga and more. To see the inaugural issue, click here.

Via Melina Watts at the Malibu Creek Watershed Council.

Life is a beach

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