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High Good, Low Bad: Lake Mead Elevations

Source: US Bureau of Reclamation

HOPEFULLY there is more water than silt in the main Colorado River reservoir holding water supplies for California, Arizona, Nevada and Mexico. The maximum elevation for Lake Mead is 1,229 feet. Below, gleaned from US Bureau of Reclamation records, is the first of what will be monthly elevation reports for Lake Mead on this blog, with year on year contrasts going back to 2004. Above, for those who prefer pictures to numbers, also borrowed from Reclamation, is a nifty graphic published on Friday, May 8, 2009 showing April and May 2009 elevations, including predictions (in yellow) throughout the month.

April 30, 2009                                                       1,101.26 ft

April 30, 2008                                                       1,110.61 ft

April 30, 2007                                                       1,120.69 ft

April 30, 2006                                                       1,135.94 ft

April 30, 2005                                                       1,144.45 ft

April 30, 2004                                                       1,134.98 ft

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