In praise of ‘Aqua Blog Maven’

Founding editor Chris Austin has stepped aside as compiler of the California water news feed "Aquafornia."

The State Water Project in pictures

Water pumped up the foothills of the Tehachapi Mountains. Source: Aquafornia. Click on the image to be taken to Aquafornia's new slide show on California's State Water Project.

Aquafornia, the newsfeed of the Water Education Foundation, today published an educational side show on the history of the State Water Project. For those who wonder just how big a challenge to keep California hydrated Governor Jerry Brown inherited on November 2nd, click here to learn about the massive water-moving endeavor that his father, Governor Pat Brown, began in the 1950s.

The beginning of the slide show is straight up California heraldry. Glorification of the Department of Water Resources might seem a bit Soviet to those who never knew a winter without fresh fruit or vegetables. But keep clicking to follow the water. Once you do, the steadfast tracing of the project will equip you to understand news stories also

Photo gallery: Los Angeles Aqueduct

Helianthus annuus, aka sunflowers, bloom by the roadside in Owens Valley. Photo: Chris Austin. Aquafornia offers a photo tour by Austin of Owens Valley and the Los Angeles Aqueduct system. To see it, click here. To read Emily Green on the smiley face of nature, click here.

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