Baja on show

Spiny-Tailed Iguana (Ctenosaura hemilopha conspicuosa) eating Cardon Cactus (Pachycereus pringlei) blossoms. Photo: Ralph Lee Hopkins. All rights reserved. Click here to be taken to the San Diego Natural History Museum

THE WORK OF National Geographic photographer Ralph Lee Hopkins is included in the new show “Baja California” at the Ordover Gallery of the San Diego Natural History Museum. Also on view will be photographs by Octavio Aburto, Pilar Artola, Miguel Angel de la Cueva, Jack Dykinga, Patricio Robles Gil, Flip Nicklin, Abe Ordover, and Julio Rodriguez Ramos. All artwork in The Ordover Gallery is for sale. A substantial portion of proceeds will benefit the museum. For more information, go to:

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