Welcome to Met, Mr. Fleming

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California sent out a press release Tuesday announcing the formal seating of its newest board member, David W. Fleming, an attorney with Latham & Watkins. Among his credentials to join the board of the country’s largest water wholesaler outside of the US Bureau of Reclamation, Mr Fleming has served as (or in some instances still serves as): 

  • a director of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority
  • chair of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce 
  • chair of the Los Angeles County Business Federation
  • co-chair of the Southern California Leadership Council
  • chair of the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley
  • member and chair of the Executive Committee of the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation
  • chair of the Valley Industry & Commerce Association
  • member of the Los Angeles Police Foundation
  • member of the Children’s Bureau of Los Angeles
  • member of the Los Angeles County Children’s Planning
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