Watering like it was 1945

SINCE  introducing mandatory conservation in September 2007,  Long Beach water consumption now runs 16.5% below the historical average, reported the Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners today.

For the full report from Aquaformia, click here.

According to Matthew Veeh, a Special Projects Officer with the city, Long Beach water use has dropped to 105 gallons per person per day, the lowest it’s been since 1945.

By comparison, the Los Angeles County average, according to a fantastically nifty Aguanomics map, was 185 gallons per person per day when the map was produced in November 2008. That, too, is dropping since the City of Los Angeles introduced mandatory conservation in June 2009.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power recently reported a 16.8% drop among single family homes in June, a 32-year low. But, from the looks of it, Long Beach is still way ahead of LA both in

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