Guardian on U.N. draft climate agreement: “Long, confusing and contradictory”

White House Global Climate Change Report. Click on the cover then follow the prompts to download a copy.

MONDAY 9/28/2009: It is a blueprint to save the world. And yet it is long, confusing and contradictory. Negotiators have released a draft version of a new global agreement on climate change, which is widely billed as the last chance to save the planet from the ravages of global warming. Running to some 200 pages, the draft agreement is being discussed for the first time this week as officials from 190 countries gather in Bangkok for the latest round of UN talks. There is only one short meeting after this before they meet in Copenhagen aiming to hammer out a final version. Click here to keep reading Guardian environment correspondent David Adam’s Countdown to Copenhagen

THURSDAY, 9/24/2009: For Time Magazine on our current climate cycle, “The Long

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