High good, low bad: Mead in July 2013

Steadily falling elevations of Lake Mead, the largest storage reservoir in the West, reinforce the need for Western cities to emphasize conservation as a source of "new" water.

High good, low bad: Mead in April 2013

Lake Mead dropped nearly five and a half feet in April, 2013.

Colorado “most endangered” American river

The Colorado tops 2013 "most endangered" list from American Rivers

High good, low bad: Mead in October 2012

Las Vegas water manager Pat Mulroy predicts that a new report due out on the Colorado River and pending shortages "will be devastating."

High good, low bad: Mead in August 2012

The Colorado River system is over-allocated between seven states, tribes and Mexico. It is 58% full and likely to be drier not wetter in years to come. A case up for review by the Supreme Court may affect all compacts governing interstate water sharing. Potentially at issue: Is state compliance be voluntary?
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