Final day. Yes we can / No we can’t

A pelican huddles in a London zoo after a freak snow storm blankets England, including the normally temperate south coast, during the final days of the UN Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen. Click on the image to be taken to the London Guardian for full photo coverage of the blizzard and the wan final day of the climate conference.

Casting daily: ‘Brad Pitt is saving Planet Earth in Copenhagen’

From the London Guardian's daily picture gallery of the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen: "The director Tue Biering (right) and assistant Marijana Jankovic (left) go through the script with a potential actor wearing a wig and sunglasses during the casting for a film called Brad Pitt is saving Planet Earth in Copenhagen. Every day someone is chosen to act in one scene, culminating in 12 scenes making a movie which will be screened on the internet at the end of the climate conference." Click on the image to be taken to the entire Guardian photo gallery. This photo: Adrian Dennis / AFP / Getty Images

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