The Dry Garden: Streetwise

It was spotting a pumpkin identified as a gourd that prompted Leigh Adams to write John Lyons. She was (and is) an expert in gourd-craft as well as the artist-in-residence at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden. Lyons, whose website carried the photo of the pumpkin, was (and is) a garden designer and regular lecturer at the Arboretum. Yet until Adams wrote, they had never met. That was two years ago. They now joke that they are “as much in love as a non-couple could be.” And they have a baby, a four-month-old garden that is brimming with art, native sages, fruit trees and irrigated by rainwater harvested from the street.

Click here to keep reading “The Dry Garden” in the Los Angeles Times.



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