Lights, camera, Antonio

The Los Angeles Times reports that after the Los Angeles Unified School District refused to admit ABC’s Jamie Oliver to its cafeterias, the celebrity chef has been granted an audience at West Adams Prep, one of Mayor Villaraigosa’s cluster schools.

If this is not part of the mayor’s long-running political tug-of-war with the school board, then it looks like it.

For how Oliver has used Facebook to urge parents to write school board members to demand that the district accommodate him, click here.

For how the ABC reality TV program opened Oliver’s nutrition ministry in Westwood, many freeway off ramps never mind bus stops from West Adams Prep (or any low income community), click here.

For how Oliver’s been larking around town conducting stunts, including filling a school bus with sand as if it were sugar, click here.

Meanwhile, for a source other than school lunches