The Dry Garden: Mar Vista is groovy, too

The Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase turns 3 on April 30. More than 80 homes will be open to the public. Twenty garden designers will be on hand to discuss landscapes that save water and power. Thirteen homes will have their solar power installers there to explain the ins and outs of leasing or buying panels. It’s a safe bet that there will be some young capitalists seizing on the influx of an estimated 2,000 people to sell lemonade. Also expect a few glad-handers, because this project of the Mar Vista Community Council is a honey pot for politicians. It’s genuine community action and it’s insanely popular. Click here to keep reading The Dry Garden column on a miracle of community organizing in Los Angeles.

Christmas in April

Homeowners unite for water conservation and environmental quality. This garden on Redwood Avenue in Los Angeles is one of the 80 on the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase tour this Sunday, April 25, from 2-6pm. Admission Free. Click on the image for more information.

Poppies and artichokes at a Redwood Avenue garden in Los Angeles, part of Sunday's Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase. "What says California better?" asks homeowner-designer Marilee Kuhlmann. Photo: Leigh Curran. Click on the image for a map to the Kuhlmann-Curran garden.

Regular readers of this site know its aversion to chronological gimmicks. Water Day. Ride Your Bike to Work Day. Ignore the Days Day. But this Earth Day event is so damn impressive, so much more than an empty hoorah by self-styled goodniks, that it amounts to Christmas in April. Every year residents of Mar Vista invite the public into their gardens to help anyone who

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