Phantom boxing with faceless bureaucrats

The Los Angeles Times reports today that the Mayor is lashing out at “unidentified high-level bureaucrats” within the city’s Department of Water and Power.

It is these mandarin civil servants, we are to believe, who are to blame for thwarting reform, for the mixed messaging about our City finances and for failure of clean energy initiatives.

Did he mention how they run around at night and purposefully cause water main breaks?

Trouble in paradise

LOS ANGELES awoke fractious today, at least in the press. Los Angeles Department of Water & Power bills are arriving and a North Hollywood couple using an average 748 gallons of water a day, five times the Los Angeles County norm (150 gallons per day, down from 181 a year ago) is so mad, they wrote a seven-page letter to Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez.

For Lopez, the couple’s outrage was a jumping off point. Lopez himself is fantasizing about seeing Mayor Villaraigosa shot aloft by a geyser from one of the City’s seemingly endless water main breaks.

The Mayor’s sprinkler malfunction

FROM, this nugget: Reporters Joel Grover and Matt Goldberg have found Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to be a serial scofflaw of the June 1 drought ordinance that he himself supported.

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