A good rain

THE NORTH got drenched, but here in Southern California, according to the Los Angeles Times, fine showers and the absence of downpours largely spared the foothill communities from post-fire debris torrents. As of 5pm today, we in downtown Los Angeles had received 2.03 inches of rain that fell steadily last night and in light showers throughout today. For a National Weather Service regional breakdown of who got how much rain where, click here.  Isolated showers are forecast for the evening.

For a most interesting diversion, try this article by Keith C. Heidorn, aka “the Weather Doctor,” on why rain drops are not tear-shaped, but round and then as they enlarge, shaped like hamburger buns.

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Rain in Los Angeles

Tuesday night, rain, low 61 F

Wednesday, rain, high 68F

Wednesday night, partly cloudy, low 59F

Thursday sunny, high 80F

Click on the icons to be taken to the National Weather Service. This post was last updated at 6.40pm, October 13th, 2009.…

Hot and cold: Summer 2009

CLICK on the maps to enlarge these graphic wrap-ups of summer 2009 from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. Or click here to be taken to the NOAA Satellite and Information Service.

Smoke, heat in Los Angeles

For a special Greater Los Angeles weather advisory, click here

Monsoon envy

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