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It is fitting that the new issue of Pacific Horticulture should land in mailboxes during the Theodore Payne Foundation tour. As Los Angeles wakes up to native gardening, the latest edition of the magazine is a gentle reminder that its San Francisco-based publisher has long given indigenous flora equal weight with exotics. This issue is no different with looks at a xeriscape garden at Pitzer College, how to foster native bees (learn to love deadwood), a matured version of a cult native garden in Altadena and green roofs. The green roofs piece asks questions that Joseph Beuys admirers everywhere must have wondered at one point or another:  What about weight? Drainage? What plants do best where? What happens when it gets dry? Do you have to water your roof?

This magazine is the thinking man’s Sunset. My only wish for it is an art director. The Western azalea blossom on

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