In praise of Pat

August 19, 2009

To: Chairperson Shari Buck, Vice Chair Steven Kirk, Director Susan Brager, Director Tom Collins, Director Duncan McCoy, Director Steve Sisolak and Director Lois Tarkanian, Board of Directors, Southern Nevada Water Authority

Dear Directors,

I write in praise of Patricia Mulroy, or, as she prefers, Pat. No place in the country has a smarter, harder working, more formidable water manager than Pat Mulroy. And nowhere deserves her more than Los Angeles.

Pat Mulroy is a miracle of energy, intelligence and ambition. Plus, let it be noted, she’s hot.

Shock doctrine, Mulroy style

CRITICS of the Las Vegas pipeline proposed for the Great Basin will find almost every argument they’ve made in 20 years of protesting the project distilled in one witty, furious burst in today’s Aguanomics posting by UC Berkeley natural resources economist David Zetland.

Zetland whipped it out on the news earlier today that Utah has finally complied with Nevadan demands for Great Basin groundwater. This follows a dare last week by Southern Nevada Water Authority general manager Patricia Mulroy (pictured above, click on the photos for captions) to her board to vote against the pipeline.

Mulroy predicted empty hydrants and water once a week if they didn’t come to heel.

Beware of shock doctrine tactics, argues Zetland.

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