The more Cadiz changes…

… the more it remains the same. At a meeting in Ontario, CA, today of the Association of Ground Water Agencies, the speculator Cadiz, Inc will present a privately-commissioned study showing that the Mojave aquifer it proposes to pump can yield  50,000 acre feet of water a year, or enough for 400,000 people.

Business Week* and the Cadiz website have the stories, which in the case of Cadiz’s version is just that — a story.

Cadiz speaks

FIRST, thanks to Aquafornia, the news feed of the Water Education Foundation, for carrying today’s guest commentary from Cadiz Inc General Counsel Scott Slater, and to Mr Slater for taking the time to address questions raised here and in other publications, including the Los Angeles Times, WaterWired and Aguanomics.

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