Capturing rain (and run-off) in the Inland Empire

TO LOS ANGELES, rainfall is storm water and is flushed out to sea. For the Inland Empire Utilities Agency, rainwater and stormwater is water, best treated and saved. For a first class report in the Los Angeles Times by Bettina Boxall, click on the desalting plant.

Proposed water treatment tax targets toothpaste, anti-depressants and pop

YOU’VE got to love a politician who braves July heat in a suit in Washington DC to suggest that companies whose products either rely on clean water or contaminate it be tapped for a new tax to upgrade the country’s crumbling water treatment systems. On Wednesday, July 15, Representative Earl Blumenauer, (D-ORE) introduced the “Water Protection and Reinvestment Act,” H.R.3202, which would establish a $10 billion annual fund for repairing America’s corroded pipes and overburdened sewer systems.

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