Change in a place sold for its climate

Imported water gave Southern California's public gardens and urban canopy a tropical wash. Drought is re-landscaping the region.

The week that was, May 15-21, 2016

From the week that was in water news: Lake Mead hit a record low, Lake Michigan a record high, Texas has a water plan and what Paul Simon thought about 'Bridge over Troubled Water.'

The weeks that were, May 1-14, 2016

Hands down the most delightful story in the world of water this week was Hazel Davis's short profile of Lord Rokeby, "the original hipster."

The week that was, April 24-30, 2016

Is the US Congress Zika's best friend in Puerto Rico? Plus floating bridges for New York, mind-blowing maps, frack fluid in Texas floods, LA and its "islands," seagulls on a NOAA Great Lake cam and more in the week's water news.

The week that was, April 17-23, 2016

A new reef the size of Delaware, Houston underwater, the Mexican Navy sails into Francis Scott Key territory to a rapturous welcome, Arizona hopes for shorter shortages for California on the Colorado and more in the week's water news.
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