Through fracture, healing and beauty

Piece by Piece, an arts program of the Skid Row Housing Trust in downtown Los Angeles, put a stunning collection of work up for sale this weekend.

Warmest January to September on record

NOAA's October State of the Climate update shows January through September 2012 the warmest first nine months of any year on record.

This one’s for Suleiman

Quince paste is drying in a slow oven. It’s taken 18 months to get to this point and the entire venture started as an accident. The recipe used to make it is problematic and the result is proving stubbornly sticky to the touch. Yet it’s so damn delicious that I’d proudly serve it to Suleiman the Great.

When the bare root sapling that provided the quinces was planted as part of a fruit tree allee in the winter of 2010, the plant tag read “Santa Rosa plum.” When the plant that subsequently flowered, leafed out and fruited looked like a Dr. Seuss cartoon of an apple tree, it was clear that this was no plum. The Seuss fruit was a quince.

Raw, quinces are odd and unappealing. The form is bulbous, the skin fuzzy, the body disarmingly hard and light, and the flesh a dry maze of what seems like

High good, low bad: Mead in September 2012

With Lake Mead half full at the close of the 2012 water year, science writer John Fleck asks if Lower Basin states squandered their reserve on hookers and blow?

Cadiz campaign donations likely impacted San Bernardino County groundwater ordinance

A look at how Cadiz Inc has greased political wheels since 1997 to the point that supervisors in San Bernardino County, California are preparing to waive a Mojave ordinance to let the private company export desert groundwater to Orange and Los Angeles County suburbs.
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