Cadiz Inc woos Riverside utility for Mojave groundwater mining project

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WESTERN Municipal Water District in Riverside is among five Southern California suppliers that have expressed interest in a controversial proposal to store and draw water from ancient aquifers in the Mojave Desert, reports the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

The $200 million project in the Cadiz Valley, about 40 miles east of Twentynine Palms, would involve burying 44 miles of pipeline to move surplus Colorado River water to an underground basin the size of Rhode Island.

via Aquafornia

To read Chance of Rain on the legacy of political palm-greasing behind the Cadiz project, click on the dollar bill.


To read Chance of Rain about how palms are greased, click on the five dollar bill.


To read Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Hiltzik, along with a long list of distinguished Los Angeles Times reporters on Cadiz, click on the masthead.


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