The week (and a day) that was 6/28-7/5/2009

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  • “…people are looking for responsible luxury.” From a July 4 Los Angeles Times roundup of fashionable private swimming pools
  • “Many of us think the situation is even more dire.” Jet Propulsion Laboratory climatologist William Patzert on the White House Climate Change report

  • “Several secret bills are set to emerge this week to cover some contentious water issues, including governance of the bay-delta region, water conservation, new dams and an updated proposal for a peripheral canal, which was overwhelmingly rejected by California voters in 1982.” San Francisco Chronicle
  • The public will have less than a week to find out what bills will be in the package, what they will do, and who will pay for it.”  Dan Bacher of Fishsniffer via Aquafornia
  • Three oft-repeated falsehoods:  1. Farmers on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley are receiving ‘just 10 percent of their allocation this year.’  2. Water shortages are causing massive new farm unemployment. 3. Farmers are bearing disproportional impacts of water shortfalls because of court rulings in favor of fish. Peter Gleick, President of the Pacific Institute
  • “Tucson Water’s longtime duck mascot Pete the Beak takes his younger friends on a coloring and activity adventure as they learn more about Tucson’s water and conservation … Because of budget cuts, the book is only available online.”
  • “It is the end of the beginning.” Central Utah Water Conservancy District’s government affairs director Christine Finlinson on the plan to rehabilitate Lake Utah
  • “Fearing the main canal carrying drinking water to millions of Southern Californians is sinking again, water officials are monitoring the effects of incessant agricultural pumping from the aquifer that runs under the aqueduct. Their concern is that the canal, which has sunk six feet in places during California dry spells, will buckle enough to slow delivery of water to parched points south…”
  • “I think this year we will not be able to achieve our mission.” Maureen Stapleton, general manager of the San Diego County Water Authority

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*This post was updated on July 6 to include the Los Angeles Times pool article and William Patzert’s remark about climate change.


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