Water Follies on Comedy Central

Posted on | July 15, 2009 | No Comments

glennon-cover_2_273-210x300water-follies-tradepaperA WEEK after the US Government Accountability Office report on the bottled water industry, one of the industry’s most damning critics, Arizona water law specialist Robert Glennon, will be appearing on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tomorrow night (Thursday, July 16). Will he talk about plastic covered H2O? Or the remorseless mining of our groundwater (subject of his 2002 book Water Follies)? Or perhaps the collapsing Pacific fisheries (these feature in his 2009 successor Unquenchable)? Glennon has no shortage of horror stories. One thing is sure. He will come armed with an urgent list of reforms that he sees as necessary to protect and preserve a dwindling and badly abused fresh water supply. The place he sees as crucial to leading the reform? The US Congress. It’s Comedy Central, but he’s not joking.


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