Santa Monica takes back the tap

Posted on | August 26, 2009 | No Comments

SHOPPERS at Santa Monica Farmers Market today received free refills of filtered tap water as the City of Santa Monica joins the “Take back the Tap” campaign mounted by the non-profit Food & Water Watch. Today being the launch of a project that will offer free water to an estimated 20,000 market-goers every week, the City handed out free cups, said Farmers Market manager Laura Avery. However, in future, she said, “you need to bring a bottle. If you could figure out a nice way to say that, that would be great.” The city will also be selling durable, reusable containers for $10.

The goal is to cut the pollution and energy waste associated with commercial bottled waters while underscoring the superior monitoring of tap water standards. (For a recent Government Accountability Office Report on unreliable and inconsistent bottled water standards, click here.)

Inaugurating the campaign were, from left to right, City of Santa Monica Energy and Green Building Programs Administrator Susan Munves; Andy Agle, City of Santa Monica Director of Housing and Economic Development; City of Santa Monica Councilmember Richard Bloom and Santa Monica Farmers Market manager Laura Avery.

Pictured center is a Take Back the Tap pledge and right, a shopper walks away with a free refill.


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