Capturing rain

Posted on | October 13, 2009 | No Comments

Simple steps such as redirecting water from downspouts into permeable beds prevent rainwater from reaching streets, where it picks up a host of pollutants before exiting the storm system into the Pacific. Source: TreePeople

From Reuters via Aquafornia: Despite threats by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to kill all of the 704 bills on his desk unless legislators reached an agreement, the Governor decided to approve SB 790, also known as the Stormwater Resource Planning Act. SB 790 creates a new framework encouraging California municipalities to address the stormwater issues in a new way. It encourages municipalities to manage stormwater for beneficial uses such as augmenting water supply, preventing floods, mitigating stormwater pollution, creating green space and enhancing wildlife habitat. To keep reading, click here.

It’s too late for Angelenos who presently direct rainwater from their property into the street to do much in advance of a large storm now bearing down on California. But simple steps could give parched gardens a much needed soaking. TreePeople has them. To keep reading, click here.


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