Earth and us

Posted on | December 5, 2009 | No Comments

"The blue marble." Source: NASA

This week WaterWired posted a lecture by philosopher Kathleen Dean Moore in which Moore asks the question that sticks in the caw of any environmentalist:

How can we be aware of impending cataclysm and still be doing so little, if anything, to lessen the impacts of climate change?

“We know that immediate action by us is the thing that can change the direction of this asteroid,” she says, “But that knowledge hasn’t moved us to action … So the question I would ask is: What’s missing?”

According to Moore, the ever louder warnings of scientists aren’t enough. We need to actively decide that it’s wrong to wreck the world.

To hear the whole lecture, click here. As enticement, WaterWired also has Jon Stewart on “Climategate.”

This posting has been updated. The headline has been changed and the Stewart link added.


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