The governor will think about it

Posted on | February 17, 2010 | 1 Comment

Fairly or unfairly, ever since a boozy incident in 2006 in which then Nevada gubernatorial candidate Jim Gibbons either groped a woman, or caught her during a slipping accident in a Las Vegas garage, the Southern Nevadan press has denied itself no opportunity to ridicule the man who the following year became the state’s executive.

The press attacks were arguably worse on the admittedly rare occasions when he made sense, and never so fierce as when Governor Gibbons dared question the wisdom of the swelling city’s proposed 300-mile pipeline into the Great Basin. (The second line of one such excoriation in the Las Vegas Sun in February 2008, headlined “Governor all wet,” read: “Fortunately, the governor alone cannot stop the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s plan to pump ground water from White Pine and Lincoln counties.”)

But, last weekend, facing a potentially devastating ruling from the Supreme Court of Nevada that appears to invalidate all water awards for the project, his tormentors from the Las Vegas press came a-begging Gibbons to instruct the state legislature to consider an amendment that could, in effect, refill the city’s pipe. (Click here for the Sun with its cup out, and here for the Review-Journal).

Lo and behold, when yesterday the governor issued his order for a special session of legislature to address the state’s economic woes, the water cure for Las Vegas was not among the instructions.

There remains, however, room for Governor Gibbons to do the wrong thing in a catch-all phrase at the bottom: “The Legislature may also consider any other legislative business as I may call to the attention of the Legislature while in session.”

For background on the Las Vegas pipeline, click here and on the Southern Nevada Water Authority attempt to go through the Nevada governor to use the legislature to render the state’s supreme court’s decision moot, here.


One Response to “The governor will think about it”

  1. David Zetland
    February 17th, 2010 @ 3:06 pm

    power corrupts.

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