Beyond the pale

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Oil slick from the British Petroleum spill in the Gulf of Mexico spreads toward the Mississippi Delta. Source: NASA. Click on the image to be taken to its Earth Observatory for the history of this May 1 image and other images of the disaster.

From the New York Times Greenwire: “BP used to stand for ‘British Petroleum.’ Now the company wants people to think ‘Beyond Petroleum.’ But in the eyes of the Obama administration it’s starting to mean ‘blame petroleum.’ They cannot cite a specific complaint beyond a desire that the company work faster to find a solution to the river of crude pouring out of its well. But Obama’s Cabinet secretaries have started poking some verbal kidney punches at the oil giant.” To keep reading, click here.

In fact, BP still stands for British Petroleum. To read its account of the clean up efforts, click here, or for about how its Chief Executive accepts responsibility for mop up, but not the accident, in the Los Angeles Times, here. Or for full news round-ups, print and video links, go to the Huffington Post, whose homepage leads with this image of how the oil spill spread in the two days since the NASA image was taken.

Click on the image to be taken to exhaustive links to oil spill coverage in the Huffington Post.


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