Pot growing season in California

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Click on the graphic to be taken to the campaign that put marijuana control up to a vote in California in November 2010

… is in full swing, according to the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting. However, this year, shortly after autumn harvest, on November 2, 2010, the opportunity to extend controls now used for alcohol to marijuana, or Cannabis sativa, will come before California voters. Here is a chance to aim for the civility of the Dutch. Proponents of the plan point to the potential to fill public coffers and empty state prisons. Less obvious benefits include an end to growers splashing herbicides on public land and possibly even a stop to water wrangling by marijuana farmers, though given the attitude of legit farmers to water reporting, that might truly be a pipe dream. Labels as to potency would certainly be a public service. For those who want to learn more, some links, with a warning. The Office of the Attorney General Campaign Against Marijuana Planting hasn’t updated its graphics for four years (below, click to enlarge). Perhaps this is because, read critically, the ever-increasing nature of the hauls might not lead one to conclude that the program has been a success. This was certainly at issue when USA Today reported on CAMP in 2005. For an activist assessment, click here to read the Marijuana Policy Project on CAMP in 2008. For further reading and copious links, go to NORML California, and, because this is primarily a water blog, click here for a funny item from On the public record blog about the water needs of hemp.

Update 6/17/2010: KPCC’s AirTalk carries debate of the marijuana initiative. Panelists include retired Superior Court Judge Jim Gray, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca and Oakland City Attorney John Russo. Remarks caught from the radio in the background: “Marijuana is the largest cash crop in the country.” — Jim Gray. “Marijuana is like an oil slick in the brain.” — Lee Baca. To catch the show this afternoon from KPCC’s website, click here.


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