ALOUD: Moore / Childs / Deverell

Posted on | June 12, 2012 | No Comments

Philosopher Kathleen Dean Moore at ALOUD, Los Angeles Public Library. Photo: Gary McCarthy.

The Los Angeles Public Library is offering a free podcast of last week’s “Aloud” lecture “Reflections on Moving Water” with philosopher Kathleen Dean Moore, essayist Craig Childs and historian William Deverell.

A snippet, from Moore: “In my mind it’s water that helps us understand that this blue green world is all one deeply interconnected, deeply  interdependent, beautiful and mysterious whole thing. And that the flourishing of all the parts depends on the flourishing of the whole. It’s water that teaches us we that are all part of this homeland. And who are we in this beautiful world? We are sloshy things, right? We are sacks of sea water. We are water that has developed the ability to walk uphill. We are water that has developed the ability to celebrate its own beauty in poetry, praise and song. It wasn’t so long ago that our ancestors spoke to storms with magical words and prayed to water and cursed it and danced for it.  And we are water that has developed the ability to imagine. We have developed the ability to imagine things that have absolutely no relationship to the real world. And we have developed the ability to live in that imagined world, so that we can believe, we can imagine that we are exceptions to all the rules, even the rules of cause and effect. That we are above this world, apart from it, better than it, in control of it. We can imagine that we can squander water without squandering our futures.” To listen, click here



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