Smoke from Milford Flat Fire

July 16, 2007 – Fillmore, Utah. This smoke was photographed rising from the Milford Flat Fire, the largest in Utah’s history. The BLM estimates that at containment on July 19, 2007, the fire had burned 363,046 acres. This drought-year fire was so fast moving that it overtook and consumed entire herds of cattle and caused fatal car crashes on the I-15. At the same time separate fires fueled by cheatgrass, native sage and pinyon pines raged throughout Nevada and Utah, including around Salt Lake City and Ibapah Valley near the Goshute reservation.

Though the region is tinder dry and highly vulnerable to wildfires, the Southern Nevada Water Authority still wants to ship its groundwater 300 miles south to Las Vegas and insists that it can do so with little adverse environmental impact. Photo: Emily Green

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