Marcie Edwards nominated to lead LADWP

Today's press release announcing a new nominee to head the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power has no mention of water in a record drought year

Why L.A. needs the “wicked witch” of Nevada

Southern Nevada Water Authority general manager Pat Mulroy is retiring at just the moment that the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power most needs her skills at outdoor water conservation. LA Mayor Eric Garcetti should lure her to California.

“Bullshit is just bullshit”

Los Angeles sprang from propaganda, enterprise and stolen water (or "inter-basin transfers"). An article titled Brave New LA argues that the days of villainy are behind it and "under cover of one of the worst environmental reputations on the planet, Los Angeles is becoming an unlikely model of sustainability."

When shorelines denote dust bowls

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has taken the Owens Lake Master Plan hostage in a bid to limit LA's future liability for dust control in the Eastern Sierra.

The mayor’s record on water conservation

The water conservation achievements of LA's outgoing mayor have been the subject of hyperbole, however there have been impressive savings. Since 2007, water consumption in the City of Angeles has dropped by 17.58%.
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