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This site is intended mainly as an online clipping service for the reporter Emily Green. Click here to be taken to the journalism archives. Occasional posts below vary between brain-on-fire moments and links to work published elsewhere. Sidebar links to various environmental sites are random acts of enthusiasm. 

Parrots of Altadena

Gone painting

“Angus waiting for Donna,” May 2016, Emily Green. Painting not reporting this holiday weekend. For the latest in water news, do browse the Climate and Water column to the right.

Whose water is it, anyway? Water rights 101

Who has the rights to California's water, in what order, for what, in what quantity, and under what terms, is by no means simple. However, KCET's Bay Delta Project explains it.

Free except the lemonade

Emily Green is on assignment. Slow to no-posting is likely to continue through April. Please help yourself to the site’s directories and, for those of you in the Los Angeles region interested in rain water harvesting and lawn alternatives, do remember that the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase is on April 20th. Admission to dozens of gardens, many staffed by experts in native landscaping, water harvesting and food production, is free.


No news is no news for El Niño prospects

NOAA's State of the Climate report for October shows drought across 60.2% of the contiguous United States. Elsewhere, Pacific Ocean monitoring indicates that a weak El Nino system associated with wetter winters in Southern California and the Southwest has petered out into neutral conditions.
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