Whose water is it, anyway? Water rights 101

Posted on | April 7, 2015 | No Comments

South Delta farmer Rudy Mussi stands in front of his alfalfa field to demonstrate why California's oldest water rights holders should not have to meter long-traditional flood irrigation.

Who has the rights to the state’s water, in what order, for what, in what quantity, and under what terms, is an evolving construct. The above photo captures South Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta farmer Rudy MussiĀ in front of his Roberts Island alfalfa field, where he posed to demonstrate why California’s oldest water rights holders should not have to meter traditional flood irrigation. He and fellow Delta farmers with long-held claims on the state’s water say their rights preempt those of 19 million Southern Californians also dependent on the Delta. To learn more about the California’s rapidly changing water law system, click on the image to be taken to KCET’s Bay Delta Project. Photo: Emily Green/KCET



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