Alligator Lizards

John Ayto, Lexicographer

Bill Baker, Wine Merchant

Doris Bloch, Founder of the Largest Urban Garden in the US

Charlotte and Other Spiders

Mr. Coffee (Grounds)

Mini Cooper, Child Arsonist

Francis Coulson and Brian Sack, Founders of Britain’s First “Country House Hotel”

Owen Dell, author of “Sustainability for Dummies”

Anne Ophelia Dowden, Botanical Artist

Jane Drew, Architect, on Chandigarh, the ICA, Common Sense, Max and Corb

The Earthworm Explored

Tui Flower, New Zealand’s First Lady of Cookery

David Fross, Native Son

Katherine Glascock, Garden Designer

Susan Gottlieb, Patron

John Greenlee, Grass Man (also see ‘American Meadow‘ review)

Jessica Hall, Creek Freak

Marcella Hazan

Randolph Hodgson, “Shopkeeper”

Simon Hopkinson, Cook not Chef

Jerry Johnson, Founder of Lazy ‘J’ Ranch

The June Beetle, Pilot

Nico Ladenis, Chef

Justus von Liebig, Chemist

The Makeover Men, Founders of Leavenworth, Washington

Ralph Moore, Rose Breeder

Harash Narang, Master of Disaster

Oecanthus fultoni, Singer

Nino Osti, Host of the Polo Lounge

The Parrots of Los Angeles

Jennifer Paterson, Before She was a Professional Fat Lady

Dale Pendell, Poet of Plants (and Mind-Altering Drugs)

Jose Quintero, Theater Director

Frances Smith, Kitchen Gardener

Rick Stein, 1991, Before Television, Padstein and All That

Ann and Franco Taruschio, Host and Cook

Melinda Taylor, Designer of the Walt Disney Concert Hall Garden

David Thomson, Hollywood Systematist

Marco Pierre White 1991

Marco Pierre White 1997

Jules Wesselink, Cheesemaker

Mark Wourms, Garden Executive

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