Water Reported

The Bay Delta Project for KCET and the Rose Foundation:

Opinion about a private gambit to mine desert groundwater:

Chromium VI: The race against time to keep an underground plume of Chromium VI from seeping into the water supply of 22 million people. Winner of the July 2007 Washington Monthly Journalism Award.

Quenching Las Vegas’s Thirst: A five part series on plans by Las Vegas to tap the Great Basin Aquifer. Winner of the 2009 Best of the West Environment and Natural Resources Reporting Award.

Los Angeles Aqueduct. Photo- Emily GreenState of Denial: Los Angeles and Water


Media and Water and the Fate of the West: Los Angeles Review of Books
Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta: Tunneling under the Bay Delta Water Wars, High Country News
For more on water, because there’s a lot of it, please use the search key on the home page.


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