‘Charismatic megafauna’ arrive in Copenhagen

For the Guardian's climate conference feature Copenhagen in pictures: Day 9, click on the body-builder turned actor and politician with the persistent tan that prompted LA Times columnist Steve Lopez to wonder if the governor of California had been "dipped in a bucket of Tang."

Until today, Copenhagen’s most famous citizen was a girl with a fishy tail sitting on a rock, reports the Guardian’s John Vidal. No more. The day saw the big beasts of the green jungle arrive — what ecologists would term the “charismatic megafauna,” intent on adding their weight and lustre to the struggling climate negotiation.

First up was “Governator” Arnold Schwarzenegger, who arrived at the conference centre with 10 men in black with wires sprouting from their ears, a phalanx of cameramen and a perma-tan. Lesser beasts, like mere ministers, diplomats, UN chiefs and state governors, bowed before him.

“Arnie is a climate activist


Global warming video is projected onto a floating cube. The scale of the CO2 cube installation represents one tonne of carbon dioxide, the amount an average person in an industrialized country emits each month. Photo: Peter Dejong, Associated Press. For the rest of the Copenhagen photo gallery from the London Guardian, click on the image.

Click here for the home page of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cophenhagen.

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